Angel Black was formed in 2013 in Scottsdale Arizona. The band got together with one thing in mind, to write powerful riffs with a classic metal feel. The bands influences are steeped with the legends of heavy metal. From the opening riff of "Cyber Spy" the first song the band wrote together. One thing was certain you don’t hear this type of metal, played with Conviction, Precision and Fire often.

Angel Black plays from the heart, forging their own brand of Heavy Metal. No Gimmicks, No Fad's and No Fear of what they face in an ever changing music industry.

With the debut record totally completed, Angel Black has set out to partner with the right Record Company. Were looking for a label that embraces Heavy Metal. We want to get to the next level, that takes working with the right people in the music business, the right TEAM.

Their debut record is titled Angel Black "Killing Demons". The title is fitting to all, we’re all fight something everyday of our life.

The record was "Mastered" by well known Mastering Wiz, Nathan James at Vault Mastering. Nathan has Mastered many of the “hits” you hear everyday on the radio. Nathan, is well known and respected from his days as a mastering engineer at the World Famous Hit Factory in NYC.

The band has also written and recorded the song "Killing Me". The song has been submitted to an upcoming movie under the guidance of the "legendary" Guitarist Freddie Salem, one-time member of what was known as the Guitar Army, “The Outlaw's”.

Angel Black is in rehearsal mode right now. The band is road ready and looking forward to touring the world.

The band is represented by Beverly Hills Attorney Leonard KorobkIn ESQ, in all business matters. Mr. Korobkin, has represented many famous artists over a career that has spanned a lifetime. He represented Thrash Metal Pioneer's Megadeth, for many years.

Angel Black, has secured a very aggressive Social Media Marketing Partnership with a world renowned marketing company. This will help the band get there music in the hands of fans, all over the world.